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Learn How to Massage Your Partner The Erotic Way

You probably have seen it once or twice in a porn movie and you wanted to try it out for yourself. But first it is important that you and your partner are willing to try out something different before you start on learning this technique. This kind of skill can be develop in time so you don’t have to worry if haven’t been successful the first time you tried it.

If you both agreed on trying it out you just need to prepare a room with all the right setting so that you can achieve the ultimate spa like experience with a treat. So burn a few scented candles, dim the lights and have some relaxing music playing in the background. Choose the right oil that you need for the massage. Then start your session.

For Her
If you are planning on massage your partner first you can start out and do regular massage. Try to keep her relaxed as possible and make sure that she enjoys what you do. You probably know how to do a basic massage, just try to focus on the area where she badly needs you touch then try to start on more sensitive parts. Remember that you need to keep your intensity and tempo the same. You are just massaging her. Just let her relax and enjoy everything new that she feels. Then will just depend on her if she will let you continue on with touching her or start sharing the bed.

For Him
If you can your tonight girlfriend to learn how to provide you with a proper massage with happy ending then you need to ask her if she’s willing first. If you get an approval you can guide her on what she should do. But she can also start out as a regular massage on your back and when you are laying still. Then she can start touching you on an erotic manner after you get ready. She needs to make sure that she maintains the same tempo as she has when she is massaging your back. Then just let her surprise you with what she have in store. Just relax and just enjoy every moment of this.

It is a good thing if you both are willing to try out something new to your sex life. This erotic massage can bring a different form of bonding between couple and they will also learn new things with their partner. This is for the senses and the two of you will surely enjoy the moment if you relax and let go of all the things that worries you. Just enjoy the moment and eventually you will both learn how to do it properly.

You can do some variation after you have done this a few more times. As you get to know your real slut partner’s body you will discover all the magical places that she wants you to touch her. You need to take note of that and same goes with her in discovering your secret places as well.


Learn How to Buy The Right Clothes For Sure Sex

It is part of women’s arsenal to keep their men interested is by wearing the right clothes that enhances their figure. Shopping for new clothes you need to make sure that you have bought the right one for the occasion. You probably know by now what type of clothes will fit you perfectly and which one will not be as effective. Take your time in trying out the different clothes and actually see which fits better on you want never forget your focus to enhance your figure and show your sexy side.

50d08f818380cBuy The Right Size
The right size is very important remember you are trying to seduce your man and you want them to see as much as possible a preview of what is in-stored for them with tonights gf. Don’t buy clothes that are too loose although wearing your man’s t-shirt can be really sexy especially if it fit as a mini dress on you. Don’t wear clothes that are too small either. You will have a hard time removing it and will just remove the seducing part the moment you got stock from getting your dress off. Look for something that is the right size and clings to your skin just on the right places.

Appearance, Color, Material & Style
The most important factors that you need to check first in deciding which clothes to buy to seduce your man will mostly depend on the color, appearance, material and style. It is common for women to buy silk and lace made clothes for their sexy night gown or casual clothes.

Having the right material on the right style will surely complete your outfit for your special night together. You don’t need to say any words to your partner because once they see you on that outfit they will instantly know what you want for them to do and that you are cougar seduce them.

50d0a40fe9a41You can also try and completing the whole set up by adding a few sexy touches in your room or the whole house. You can try and prepare a relaxing music and just light all the candles in your house. You can also try and cover your lampshade with some sexy scarf that will make it dim. You can scatter some flower petals around or spray on his favorite perfume. Then be ready once your partner arrives. They will surely appreciate all the effort that you did and will return the favor once they got the chance. This little surprise will help you make a nice new adventure in your sex life and you will also form a deeper bond with your partner.

So take your time in discovering what your partner likes and what he just want to skip. You can try to perform a sexy dance while you remove your clothes or try on feeding him some food because he might be hungry after a long day at work. He will be very excited every time he comes home if you make sure that he is well treated when he arrives.